Engineering Analysis

Calculations and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)



Predicting the mechanical behaviour of critical components is paramount to the success of any engineering project.

Areas of concern with potentially extreme stress and temperatures are analysed to prevent failure. At D3, we provide peace of mind undertaking any necessary design calculations and compile a report of the findings.

Our fully qualified and experienced engineers ensure all calculations are carried out in accordance with the latest industry codes and standards.

mathematical CALCULATION



This is the first method of investigating any potential failure aspects of the design.

All these calculations have a built-in factor of safety above both operating & test environment conditions.

Typical calculations carried out include: Full Tools, Pressure Vessels, Bolt Strength, Lug tear outs and Weld strength.

Fea simulation

At D3, Finite element analysis is an essential tool used to validate engineering designs.

fea picture.png

It provides you with the knowledge and satisfaction that your product will not fail under operating conditions.

It is an efficient method that avoids potential design issues without the necessary time and cost to manufacture to physically test these designs.

FEA allows us to validate even the most complex of designs, including static structural analyses and pressurised models.

Engineering Reports

Having an all-inclusive report with both mathematical and FEA analysis is sometimes necessary for important designs. This document will provide all the evidence required that the product will function safely without failure.

All these calculations are produced and documented in-line with the latest industry standards, with the mentioned factors of safety built into the design.