CAD Services

Endless capabilities to bring your ideas to life.





Computer aided design forms a large part of our work here at D3-UK Ltd. 

Our team consists of highly experienced engineers with vast CAD experience, some of whom have plied their trade since before the advent of CAD, to produce the highest quality models and drawings.

Entrusting in our many years of experience, you can be confident that our designs will conform to the highest of engineering standards and practices from concept to conclusion.



Upon completion of the 3D model, we advance to the detailing/draughting stage. D3 prides itself at the level of draughting we carry out with every drawing checked twice by experienced senior engineers. Our drawings are produced to the highest standard in accordance with BS/ISO codes and have the ability to be manufactured globally.



Renderings are computer generated graphics to show the image of the 3D model/tool created at D3. This helps provide our clients high-res images of their products before they have been made, and can be a great sales & marketing tool.

Rapid Prototyping


Here at D3, we have our own rapid prototyping machine. This allows us to print our CAD models to give our clients a better understanding of the final product before it goes into manufacture.