ILI Site Surveys and Review of Pipeline Information




Site surveys are crucial to this industry. Time is money, and any difficulties unforeseen early in the early stages will set back projects or even stop completely. Our engineers have had the first-hand experience carrying out these surveys to make sure the tools are capable of working under the conditions.

Review of Pipeline Information

Having the uncertainty of problems and failures occur in oil and gas lines can trouble anyone. At D3, we have the experience to review the information provided and consult you on all matters involving this line of work.

Here of some of the aspects, we can review:

  • Pipeline operating conditions and suitability for inspection

  • The suitability of launch and receive traps.

  • The client procedures for pigging

  • Availability of cleaning and inspection pigs

Using the information provided we can:

  • Populate a pipeline questionnaire with the available data.

  • Determine whether a line is suitable for running cleaning and/or inspection pigs.

  • Specify requirements for cleaning and inspection pigs.

Once we have fully carried what is required, a report can be published detailing the findings of the study.