Our Services

All in one. From concept to manufacture.

We are committed to helping you achieve your aims through the design of quality engineered products. Our service reflects this ambition by delivering a complete, professional experience with our clients. To find out more about why you should choose D3 click here.

It is not possible to summarise over 20 years of experience within the limits of a single page. However, below is a typical account of the work which we have done within this time.

advanced pipeline inspection tool design

Design, detail, and draughting of inspection tools involving concept layouts and full design work.


Our design work doesn't solely focus on inline inspection tools. We have the experience to do a variety of mechanical designs.  

Calculations and FEA Simulation

Every design has assurance it is safe and fit for purpose.


We have the ability to supply our designed components and assembly direct to you.

project management

D3 can bear the weight of managing your projects for you or assist with forecasting and cost monitoring to ensure your work is on time and within budget.

ILI Site Surveys and review of pipeline information

Specialising in In-Line Inspection (ILI) D3 can assess the feasibility of your projects and provide you with expert advice when it comes to pigging.